Front-end & mobile

From the digital product's looks, all the way to the animations and functionality, our front-end developers will take care of the job, using the most efficient technologies at their disposal.

behind the scenes

Back-end & DevOps

Our teams have a huge range of proficiency in different softwares and languages. Therefore, we're able to choose which solution and strategy best applies to each client.

fast delivery


If there is a need for a fast, shortened development lifecycle, we've also got you covered with low-code platform experts.

Work with us

Divergent strategy for different needs

We’re an innovation developer that is built for business, therefore we ensure to meet the client's objectives and expectations to guarantee long-term success.

Time & Materials

Staffing solutions in response to client-identified needs with specific agreed-upon talent profiles.


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Pilot program to transition all services from legacy infrastructure to cloud.


Deploy experienced talent in each team to manage every process within overall digital transformation.


Successful pilot: first services will be moved to the new infrastructure by end of year.

Stack used

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The right technology solutions team responsible for supporting a client’s particular workstream/ assignment.


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Client requires a team with quick assessment skills to understand & improve new streaming service.


Rapidly assemble a Squad that is experienced working together with various seniority levels & technical skills.


In <15 days, The Loop co. deployed a team of 5 professionals & is currently fulfilling 15 additional positions.

Stack used

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Staffing solutions in response to client-identified needs with specific agreed-upon talent profiles.


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Need to restructure the Back-to-School operations of the Portugal’s largest retailer in <60 days.


Assemble a group of solution designers & developers to understand the business & design the new ecosystem.


Optimized Back-to-School Operation with omnichannel capabilities with substantial profitability increased.

Stack used

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Hands-on recruiting & training across leading technologies using our certified and experienced professionals.


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Client requires a team with specific knowledge of specific state-of-the-art technologies.


Source talent across our network of universities & rapidly train-up to embrace client’s development challenges.


We access & deliver >50 individually certified professionals to embrace client’s institutional projects across Europe in <6 months.

Stack used

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Maturity Assessment

Our assessment service analyzes your system, pinpointing areas for improvement in performance, security, and user adoption. Gain insights for enhanced reliability, resource usage, and productivity.

The right team talent to match your needs


In charge of programming, the skeleton of the app and making it work.

Average experience: 5 years.

Project manager

Responsible for managing the team and planning the project's execution.

Average experience: 7 years.

Scrum master

Guides the team through the scrum methodology to boost efficiency.

Average experience: 7 years.


Designer responsible for the aesthetics of the project and how's presented to the user.

Average experience: 6 years.

Product owner

The bridge between the client and the team that maximizes productivity.

Average experience: 6 years.


Tech savvy in charge of ensuring the output quality through problem solving.

Average experience: 12 years.

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Our process


Discovery: deep analysis

We conduct intensive consultations to pinpoint your business needs and pain points. Thorough system and process analysis reveal areas for optimization.


Design: tailored solutions

Requirements are transformed into precise blueprints, emphasizing usability and long-term growth.


Develop: Agile implementation

Agile methodology guides our work, with frequent demos to ensure alignment.


Test & Improve: Rigorous assurance

Comprehensive user acceptance testing ensures seamless real-world performance. We refine solutions based on meticulous testing and your valuable feedback.


Delivery: Launch and Beyond

Strategic deployment minimizes downtime. Ongoing support and optimization services ensure continued success.


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consumer & retail

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Financial services

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