let's impact together

In The Loop co. there is a high sense of community which make us strive to work towards the same goal, while continuously building a family we trust.

our culture

Bringing people closer together

In each person, we see an opportunity to build a more diverse, progressive and dynamic team. That's why we promote events, get-togethers and team buildings in which we get to know each other from an outside of work perspective.

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Careers and opportunities

We'll thrive as one

In The Loop co. we actively look for talented people. While our growth has been exponential troughout the years, we constinuously aim to increase the size of our team and find new talents a place according to their skills.

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Sustainability and equality

Social and environmental consciousness play the main role in all of our group's actions, whether it's when a product is being delivered, our cautiousness when investing, or in our day-to-day lives where we apply these work ethics.

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