The future is in our hands

As a group of enterprises focused on environmental and social causes, we firmly believe that our role is increasingly more important as we grow. Therefore, we've been focusing on improving our own structures and create means so that we may actively contribute to our root principles.

Our responsibility

We have conducted an internal analysis to further understand how big of an impact we've made throughout the year. It's generally devided by two parts: an objective study based on factual data, and a subjective survey made for Loopers based on their environmental actions and beliefs.

Actions are better than words


We highly encourage all Loopers to recycle not only at the office, where we have all of the different recycling bins, but also in their day-to-day lives.

Water usage

Every year, we evaluate our Looper's consumption habits in the office, and highly recommend the usage of reusable water bottles, mugs for their coffee or tea, and we even give sustainable options for notebooks (Infinitebook).

light usage

A huge percentage of the electricity we consume comes from renewable resources, and our new office runs 100% with it.

Our projects

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Book In Loop

Book in Loop is an online bookstore that aims to make the "back to school" season more sustainable and affordable. In addition to selling new and used school textbooks, as well as sustainable school supplies, it also allows for the purchase and sale of
graphing calculators and gaming gear.

350 MIL

Products circulated

3 M

Euros spared

30 MIL

Trees saved

150 MIL

Liters of water spared

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Zeroo Smart Packaging

Zero Cups are a smartpackaging solution (IoT) capable of being reused countless times in a retail context, maintaining all of the product's traceability and information. It connects to a sensored logistics system that allows you to prepare the filling of packages quickly and automatically.

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BabyLoop is a platform for buying and selling childcare items. It brought the best e-commerce practices to the second-hand market, ensuring secure payments and billing, fast deliveries, return and warranty policies and quality control on all products.

+ 1500

Products circulated

+350 mil

Euros spared

+8 ton.

Waste avoided

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We are pioneers of circular economy in Portugal, and we believe in the beneficial effects of our business model. So, we allow other firms to grow their circular economy businesses, by using our e-commerce platform.

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Reinforcing our commitment

In 2022, we joined the United Nations Global Compact, an iniciative which gathers universal principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. Our main purpose for the future is to fit 100% of their goals and values.

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