Our perspective

Behind the scenes of an increasingly growing group, there are plenty of amazing individuals who work together towards the same dream. We value our people more than anything, because without them, nothing would ever be possible.

Thus, it's very important to us that we create a healthy, fun and accepting environment.

What makes us unique

In The Loop co. we focus on training young and promising talents who just finished their studies. Therefore, we proudly claim a diverse, young and flexible culture which is driven by divergent identities, genders, languages, cultures, religions, ages, or even academic and professional backgrounds.

Putting people first

Above all else, we prioritize the people's well-being, their objectives and passions, and a perfect balance between work and their personal lives. Hence, we believe that the key to maintaining a high satisfaction rate is communication.

What we believe in defines us


Our honesty and transparency assured trust from clients, partners and collaborators from all over the world.


We assume everything we do. From praises to mistakes, our moral duty calls to ensure dignity at all times.


The first step towards growth is to realize there is always more to be done and, at the same time, be exhilarated by such fact.


In The Loop co., we hear each and every single individual, and demand equal treatment to all.


Having a nourishing relationship with clients, partners and collaborators comes from open, constant, and respectful communication.


Welcoming the diference is recognising that together, we can always do much more.

Our partners

Ricardo Morgado, our CSO
Biomedical Engineer
Ricardo Morgado
João Rodrigues, our CTO
João Rodrigues


Everytime there is a possibility of meeting up with all of our Loopers, we consider it a special moment. Therefore, we create multiple occasions for that to happen!

From creating successful sport teams, having breakfast at the office, to celebrating important milestones together, we build an environment which feels like home.

What are you waiting for? Join us!

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