What is it really like being a Summer Intern at The Loop co.?

April 3, 2023
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I first heard about The Loop co. through former interns and employees. Everyone said it was a young and friendly company and how much they enjoyed their time there. Now that I’ve finished my summer internship, I am very proud to say that I was a part of it, even if only for a short time.

As someone who’s had a few extracurricular activities in the past year, I’m usually comfortable outside my comfort zone. But the truth is, when starting this new experience, I felt nervous and stressed… Maybe because this was my first experience in the “real world”, and I didn’t want to mess it up. However, the onboarding day proved me I had nothing to worry about. Beside me there were 18 other interns and a team of loopers always ready to help. Day by day we felt more and more comfortable within the company.

By now I can guarantee you that at The Loop co. you will find a great environment all around, from the workplace to the team buildings. And let me tell you… those were the best team buildings I ever took part in. From picnics at Parque Verde to Stand Up Paddle, The Loop co. sure has a way of connecting people through both work and fun. And these are the moments I will take with me, by the end of the summer.

It was easy going to work every day throughout the whole summer. We have all made friendships, hopefully for a lifetime, but most importantly: we have been able to improve our professional skills. We leave this experience ready to start our careers and I personally consider ourselves lucky to have had our first work experience in such a light work environment. An environment where we were given space to grow, to learn and to develop skills in the most varied fields. By providing us with numerous workshops on the different departments and their tasks, The Loop co. has given us the opportunity to uncover our hidden skills and potential.

I believe I speak for all my fellow trainees when I say it was all worth it. I recommend this internship to anyone who’s willing to learn and wants to experience a good work environment. Because no matter their educational background, everyone has a place in The Loop co. No matter the department they fit into, everyone will be a part of this “looper family”. No matter the amount of time you get to stay, I assure you: you will leave with great memories.

Finally, I can’t help but to mention all my colleagues who made this summer amazing, as well as the team leaders (and all loopers in general) who were welcoming since day one and kind enough to lend us their home for the summer. Thank you all.

Teresa Marques, Summer Intern (6th Edition)

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