OLX 2nd Life: making second-hand second nature

April 13, 2023
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The Loop co. and OLX have been working together for the past year and have recently launched the program OLX 2nd Life. This collaboration fills us with pride as yet again another market leader recognizes our set of expertise on circular economy and our commitment to develop technology applied to sustainability.

OLX has become the first user of Loop OS, our operative system dedicated to circular economy. It has been our ultimate goal to make second-hand buying second nature to people, and the only way to achieve that is to provide retailers with working tools to build an assortment of used items and making them desirable to consumers.

And thus OLX 2nd Life was born.

This project is all about adding new layers of service to OLX users who are looking to buy and sell items, transforming OLX from a listing website to a full-fledged re-commerce player. Effectively, this new service will leverage the traffic of OLX to create a new business and revenue stream to them.

The Loop co. will play an extensive role on OLX 2nd life, it will be on our teams’ shoulders to prove the concept and manage all ends of the project. We will manage costumer care, appraise the items, handle transports, refurbishing items and build all the technology to turn OLX into a transactional environment.

The purpose of this project is to prove our assumptions on OLX and circular economy — that people will buy if reassured that the purchase is safe, the item is functional and clean, and that warranty is provided while making a profitable business at the same time.

Circular Economy is all about adding value to products, and we’ve designed an experience to precisely achieve that — shortening the distance between supplies and demand by bringing second-hand items into the equation.

We’re looking to build a better environment, a better way to consume and a better experience for customers and OLX 2nd life is an important step towards those goals.

Our partnership with OLX is a chance to prove our worth, our quality and our vision, and we’re confident that true to form we will exceed expectations and build something spectacular!

Gustavo Alves, E-commerce Director at The Loop co.

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