LoopSharp: Transitioning Fresh Graduates into High-Demand Jobs

April 13, 2023
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We’ve partnered up with one of the oldest Universities in the World to launch the first edition of the UC Factory Academy, a project focused on closing the gap between fresh engineering graduates and the companies in their respective sectors. By complementing the standard educational process with specific skills demanded by a particular market, and by helping students transition from an academic environment to a corporate environment, we will be adding more value to the talent produced by the University of Coimbra, helping to establish its status as one of the most sought-after Universities in Europe.

This program is based on our very own academy program, LoopSharp. With proven success, LoopSharp revolutionized the way we do business, so much that after many successful editions with top-notch partners, such as Deloitte and KPMG, we’re safe to say that the results we witnessed were beyond our most optimistic expectations.

It all started by making the most of an opportunity we identified: being a tech company from Coimbra, we are in a privileged position to retain the great amount of engineering talent produced by the University of Coimbra every year, as we are literally standing over a mine of uncut engineering diamonds. And so was born LoopSharp, a custom-designed Centre of Excellence in The Loop co., where we help untamed talent meet the market trends and needs. Our role is to recruit fresh graduated software engineers and provide them with an intense training in a specific technology/skill trending and needed in the market. This training consists in empowering the new talent with all the necessary hard skills and valuable soft skills such as leadership capabilities, we teach them nowadays most used working methodologies and all this training is certified by the University of Coimbra. Through this method, we’re helping to sharpen this untamed talent to fit directly in the best projects and companies in the market, making this a much softer and swifter way to transit from the university to the job market.

Since we started this program, roughly a year ago, more than 55 new graduates have been through the LoopSharp program and are now reaping the rewards as they are having the opportunity to work in some of the best companies in the world, an opportunity that unfortunately doesn’t come to the average new graduate. Therefore, there’s no surprise that the University of Coimbra turned to us to help them build the UC Factory Academy, a trailblazer project in the academic world, due to our experience in transitioning students to the job market.

But now you might be asking yourself, why should a company partner up with us? Or what does a company have to benefit from this type of program? Well, the answer is quite simple. Not only we’re solving the student transition to the job market problem, but we’re also helping to mitigate the lack of qualified workforce currently witnessed in the job market, as we’re steering raw talent to the right directions to help them get a better job faster, and help companies find talent fitted to their needs in a much easier way. No longer do companies have to waste time and resources molding talent to their needs and integrating new recruits into their teams, as we take care of all of that.

So, if you’re struggling to find the right talent for your needs, be like the University of Coimbra, hit us up, LoopSharp might just be the solution you’ve been looking for!

Gonçalo Vilaça Ramos, Business Analyst at The Loop co.

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