Everything you want to know about composting

April 12, 2023
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At The Loop co.'s ESG & Impact Week, Carolina Bianchi, founder of MudaTuga, presented "VermiComposting: The Worm's Workshop." Find out how recycling really works and discover practical tips for implementing vermicomposting at home.

Carolina Bianchi standing on a stage behind a table with a composting box with worms
Carolina Bianchi giving a workshop about Vermicomposting

Ever wonder where your trash ends up?

Portugal's 2021 waste report states only 17% of our waste gets a shot at recycling, with a whopping 60% finding a not-so-happy home in landfills. It's not an issue relating to lack of technology or infrastructure; it's our behaviour and habits in play.

Even if you're careful about recycling and put everything in the right bin, just a few people making mistakes can mess up the whole process. Once the different kinds of waste get mixed up, none of it can't be counted as recycled at the source anymore.

As new regulations in Portugal state that from 2027 onwards, compostable organic waste can no longer be considered part of the general waste collection, composting becomes more important than ever.

So how can we recycle biodegradable waste?

All biodegradable waste is compostable but there are a lot of compost methods, depending on what you wish to include and how. However you should keep in mind organic waste needs its own separate container and should never be mixed with non-compostable items like plastic.

Portugal is currently running a pilot program in a few cities for collecting bio-waste, meaning anything gathered in those containers is sent directly for composting. If you don’t have access to bio-waste bins or want to experience all the benefits of composting, you can do it in your own home (yes even if you live in an apartment!).

In this workshop, Carolina Bianchi shares the secrets for composting with worms. A potentially space-saving method anyone can do. Watch the full video below to find everything you need to know to start composting.

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