Coimbra Innovation Loop

Following the principles of circular economy that guide our company, we decided to focus on the rehabilitation of a charismatic building in Praça do Comércio in Coimbra. We wanted to bring innovation and circularity to the heart of the city by installing our team here, but also a set of infrastructures available to the local community and to those who visit us.


On our rooftop, we invite everyone to watch the sunset with a panoramic view over Coimbra. In the fifth floor restaurant it is possible to have a light meal at any time of the day or night.

Hardware Studio

In the prototyping laboratory we develop and test the IOT devices during the design and pre-production phases.

Media Studio

We have equipped our space with the necessary tools to produce audiovisual content so that we can pass on the experience that we are acquiring with our products and be able to broadcast our message more effectively.

Our HQ

Our development and managing teams are based in Coimbra and our offices are here, in the city center. We privilege the contact with de local community of people and businesses and we strive to contribute to a more dynamic historical center.

Cowork space

We seek to attract into our space the talent and innovation of other projects that aim to meet the same sustainability problems as we, so that we can grow together.

Concept store and services

We have a space dedicated to the sale of local products and the material results of our work. In addition to the shop, the building also has barbershop and wellness services available for staff and the local community.

Lobby and Bar

On the ground floor, we welcome our guests in the a lobby and reception, where they have the opportunity to drink a craft beer on the terrace.

Conference Room

In the small conference room and the two meeting rooms and lounge, we run our acceleration programme for circular economy projects, as well as other workshops and events.