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Financial Analyst

Coimbra, Portugal

About the role

We are a growing green tech company based in Coimbra, responsible for creating innovative product solutions to a more circular world. As a team, we are highly motivated to do remarkable things every day. We Loopers are exceptional people, passionate about our mission and dedicated to deliver the best circular economy solutions to our customers and partners!    


Is finance your thing? And are you enthusiastic about sustainability and circular economy models? Well, it’s a match!


We are looking for a candidate that will perform expense approval and audit functions. Also, will perform a variety of clerical accounting functions such as compiling and sorting documents, calculating and verifying amounts, and auditing expense sheets and corresponding receipts. Assists in the processing of accounts payable invoices. Operates under supervision of the team following specific procedural guidelines and policy.

What you'll do
  • Process and prepare financial and business forms for the purpose of checking account balances, facilitating purchases, etc.;

  • Perform routine calculations to produce analyses and reports as requested by the finance director;

  • Help oversee and manage individual accounts;

  • Create, send, and follow up on invoices;

  • Review and adhere to department budgets;

  • Collect and enter data for various financial spreadsheets;

  • Review and audit financial statements and reports, ensure all calculations and data entries are correct;

  • Reconcile any discrepancies or errors identified by conversing with employees and/or clients;

  • Collect information for and prepare payroll payments for employees;

  • Assist the financial director in creating financial reports on a regular basis;

  • Adhere to the company's or organisation's financial policies and procedures;

  • Attend finance department and company-wide meetings, sometimes assisting with financial reporting to managers and senior executives;

  • Suggest changes or improvements to increase accuracy, efficiency, and cost reductions.

The experience you'll bring
  • Associate's or bachelor's degree in business, finance, accounting, or a related field;

  • Eligible for an IEFP internship;

  • Understanding of data privacy standards, integrity, honesty, customer-service skills;

  • Solid communication skills, both written and verbal;

  • Superior attention to detail;

  • Organizational skills, planning skills, problem-solving skills, analytical skills and critical thinking skills;

  • Computer skills, particularly with spreadsheets and calculation software.

About The Loop co.

The Loop co. is a green tech company based in Coimbra, which focuses its activity in major areas such as circular economy, e-commerce, and technological innovation. It started out as a start-up, but we quickly grew to over a hundred people, working with big companies like Sonae, Sky, Inditex, TicketLine, Deloitte, KPMG, BNP Paribas. Still, the spirit and culture of The Loop co. remains exactly as it was - young, flexible, and relaxed.

Our team needs highly talented and passionate people who wants to exceed their boundaries, and grow personal and professionally with us by joining our challenging national and international projects.

Why join us
  • Youth and friendly entrepreneurial spirit, we are here for each other; 

  • Diverse and inclusive work environment, we are committed to make you feel at home; 

  • Hybrid working model, we value our productivity and work-life balance; 

  • Career development and massive grow within the company, we motivate each other everyday; 

  • Integrative team-buildings and outdoor activities, we value our day-to-day out of the office; 

  • Opportunity to work close to big retailers, we never want to stop growing; 

  • Health insurance and 25 days of holidays per year; 

  • Huge chance of having the best sunsets in town in our amazing rooftop!

Ready to join the loop?

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